Avia Corporation FAQ

Feb. 4, 2023, 11:39 a.m.
Why aircraft is full on 100% but it isn`t profitable?

There is two variants.

      The price of a ticket isn`t enough for pay off of aircraft

      The main profit of the flight is earned by direct flight. If passengers flight with less number of a transfer you will get more profitable


Why a route has diffrent prices of tickets beetwen two cities?

There are many parameters. The main parameter is a popular destination. For example. London - Madrid is the popular destination but Madrid - London isn`t popular destination.


Why  aircraft is 0 level and my company is 0 level but I can`t lease aircraft?

Each aircraft has a diffrent level for the leasing it doesn`t relate to the level of the aircraft


How often aircraft are updated in the aircraft shop?

The aircraft shop update aircraft each a game day


What does the passenger rating affect?

The rating affects to the passenger traffic. For example. If you have 3 of 5 rating the passenger traffic is dropped off about 30-50%


What does the weather affect?

The weather in the game has a diffrent affect.

      If the city has windy or snowly aircraft doesn`t fly from this city to a destination point and other aircraft from diffrent cities don`t fly to this city.

      Huricanes affect to cities more than other the weather. For example. If a huricane affect to a city, this city bans to cancle all flights because the city is suffered by a huricane. If you cancel the flight before end of the recovering period of the city you have to pay a big fine to return to this city