Announcement about the game Avia Corporation

Feb. 22, 2023, 10:36 a.m.

Dear friends, I am excited to present to you our wonderful game about managing an airline! We are two brothers who have long dreamed of creating an exciting game related to aviation. We have always been fascinated by airplanes and everything related to aviation, so we decided to bring our dream to life and create a game that would be engaging and interesting for aviation enthusiasts and strategy lovers.


We spent a lot of time studying the subject of aviation and developing game mechanics that would be as realistic and interesting as possible for players. We used all of our knowledge and skills in game development to make it as high-quality and engaging as possible.


Finally, we have achieved our goal and created the game we dreamed of. We hope that our game will be a real discovery for all aviation and strategy game enthusiasts. We are confident that our players will enjoy managing their airline, developing it, improving their planes, and engaging in other interesting activities.


Thank you very much to everyone who supported us on this journey and helped us in creating the game. We hope that our game will bring you joy and become your favorite entertainment!